If you use a blunt saw blade when sawing wood, it can easily cause kinking and burning. It is also a dangerous way of working. Even with the best table saw grinders, you still need to learn how to sharpen your saw properly.

A circular saw is only as good as the attached saw blade. They are not immortal, though you take good care of them. They shatter sneaky wood knots and become greasy and dirty over time, but most of all they become dull. So you have two options. Buy a new blade or just sharpen the blade you already have. More Info

What will you need:

  • Turn on the saw
  • Lightly clamp the bar in a vise
  • The guide should always be placed between the rivets. Always make sure the arrows on the rivets point towards the pole nose
  • Use the angle indicated on the top plate of the cutter. The guide has wheels that always prevent you from getting too deep into the side plate or your cutter
  • Even strokes are best until the knives get a shiny silver color. Two or three punches are great.
  • Release the chain after working on several knives. That way you’ll see more cutters you have not worked on yet.
  • Always remember to turn the table saw around so you can see the knives on another side.
  • Always check the depth gauge on the chain. If the knives are too high, your work is difficult as the knives do not reach the wood.

Time to sharpen your table saw chain

If you are just learning how to sharpen your table saw, you might wonder when to sharpen your saw with your best table saw. You do not want to hone too much as this will damage your knives. It is dangerous to work with a saw that is not sharp enough. Blunt knives tend to get caught in the material and move the rod in the direction of the operator.

Time to sharpen your table saw chain

Check the waste

You will know when it is time to grind your table saw by checking the waste material of your saw cuts. If you see a lot of dust, you need to hone your knives. Chips, however, show that your knives are as sharp as they should be.

The force required for cutting

If your knives are sharp, you will need little force to saw wood. Blunt cutters tend to go through cuts without deepening them. If you force the saw to cut, you need to sharpen it.

After oiling

You also need to sharpen your cutter after oiling its parts. It is also good practice to keep your table saw away from dirt. Dirt tends to dull the knives.


It is never a good idea to use cheaper or lower-quality saw blades for your circular saw. They cause more damage and financial losses in the long term. A low-quality saw blade can wear the engine and unnecessarily burden your saw. So if you have money, you’d better sharpen your blade by hand instead of buying a cheap one.